Christmas Piggy at The Mill Valley film fest!


Check out the Christmas Piggy! He is going to San Fransisco to the Mill Valley film fest.   Monday the 10 is the first screening (today!) and the next screening at Friday in San Rafeal. I am also attending the Friday screening while I am also over to the US and promoting my new long shortfilm “Piggy”, produced by A.Film Production. So please contact me if you want to meet me…

Odense International Filmfestival Award Show.

Her are the greeting madwoman for the award show. The Odense Filmfestival is a great little festival were they give numorus awards for best films etc. The festival is centered in the old city of Odense and it is easy to find things. The festival programmer for this year was Kasper Munk, and there was a great variaty!

H.C. Andersens home

When in Odense all is not about films, even tough there is a festival. I also visited this smal museum showing the famous house he grow up in. Her the poor Anderson saw his father day and heard his mothers story’s about the “ice maiden” collecting his fathers soul. At the same house the start scene of the “Ice queen” came about – when Kay is sitting in his window…

Just arrived in Odense

The filmfestival at Odense has allot of great screenings. I think they reschedualed the pig for 9 in the morning tomorow. Im not going to miss that!

Struggle with script

I am now putting the final touches ón the new piggy film. I have read it so many times now i dont know if it is good or bad. But my wife likes it.