The Pig at BIFF

The upcomming showing of Christmas Piggy at The Bahamas International Film Festival is closing. So why not go down there and have a “BIFF” and check out the Piggy. I wish I could come and join you.

The Pig at the Nordic filmdays in Lübeck

The Christmas Piggy has traveled allot this weekend. It was shown both at Cork Filmfestival and The Nordic Filmdays in Lübeck. The film is also an upcomming film at Bahamas International Filmfestival and at Short attack in Berlin, a special program      

Party at the Mill

Yesterday was a mingle party at the hotel for the Mill film festival. There were both filmmakers and distributors at the party. I meet with representatives for a new streaming service called CHNL (yet to be released). They had a very intressting way of distributing films (short and features) by streaming it and have curator recommending contant to the users. It seems like a very good idea for filmmakers to…

Screening in Mill valley

Yesterdays showing off the film went great. I was pleasantly surprise to see that there were allot of scandinavian representation, with the finish “Death of an insect” and Swedish “I’m round” and “Seven days in the woods”. A fellow filmmaker was also present, Jonathan Lyons with his comedy “Floyd the Android”. check out his blog.  After the screening there were a Q&A about the films and distribution of short films.

Arriving at the Mill valley film festival!

Finally I have arrived at the mil, valley film festival registration center at the heart of San Rafael (on the other side of the Golden Gate bridge in SF). It’s a very nice registration center with buffet and mingling with journalists and other film folks. The program for the festival is also very goo, but I was amazed how few animation films they were showing! More more! Today I am…