Im happy to report that my graduation film “Christmas Piggy” has just shown in a “Christmas In june” program at the canadian short film filmfestival “CFC Worldwide Short Film” in Toronto Canada.  The film was shown in an park at an outdoor cinema (Dufferin Grove Park: Sunday June 3, 9:00 pm).    

Nordic film market is open

Yesterday was my first day at the filmmarket at GIFF. A quite small event were allot of the producers, buyers and distributer attend to mingle, look at Work-In-Progress and drink. Beeing a filmdirector it is maybe not really my playground, but I have been curious for some time about the market of films and the powers behind it. The opening night was at the new luxury hotel in Sweden, Clarion…

In GBG at My Friend Gallery

Looking at amazing ART at Magnus Winströms Gallery. He is opening a new show with Jan Håfström, Helene Billgren, Johannes Brander, Lars Daniel Rehn, Ida Lovisa Rudolfsson! @Saturday 4 feb, 12 o’clock.

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Going to GIFF Nordic Film Market?

I’m going to the Göteborgs Int. Film festivals Nordic Film market this year. I am really looking forward to it. Im going to write a bit about it here also. The Nordic Film Market is a meeting place for the Nordic film industry where new projects are pitched and financed.

Christmas Piggy at Heavy Christmas

Short attack is a short program part of the Interfilmfestival In Germany. Short attack film programs are screened wide in all of Germany and tomorrow the 14th, the pig is part of Heavy Christmas program screened wide in all of Germany. I’m so looking forward to the response. I’m coming down to Berlin and will be present at the Babylon screening. See you there!