Julegrisen (Christmas Piggy)

Julegrisen / Danish & English / Dur: 8:00 / Color / 3D-animation / 2010

This is my graduation film from The National Danish Film school 2010. The short film is a Christmas saga set in Copenhagen 1932 during the depression. The story is about a little pig imprisoned by a family who is fattening him up for Christmas but one day the door to his prison opens and he has the chance to escape. The film uses songs instead of dialog and explore the world trough one continues camera move for 7 minutes. It is a daring experiment how to tell a story in a dreamlike fashion with the camera using moves, space and framing of the picture. This is also the first time I use motion capture as part of the animationsetup. Mostly the teqnique is used for the humans in the film, were we have recorded mocap data and then editing it with keyframe animation. For even more info about the movie visit: www.grisevagt.dk, the official site. Press slutsången to here the endsong from the film by Pete Livingstone.

Danish reviews of the graduation film 12 of June 2010:
Christmas Piggy is a masterpiece (Berlingske Tidende) 5 Stars.
This year most beautiful graduation film (Weekend avisen)
High technical knowledge and artistic originality (Politiken) 5 stars
Söderström is mastering the media(Ekko) 4 stars.

Festvals and honors for Christmas Piggy in 2011: 

Zlin International Film festival, 14th International Shanghai Film festival, Melzo Film Festival, Cinefiesta, Odense International Filmfestival, Anibar International Animation festival, Fantoche International Animation Film Festival, Shnit International Shortfilm Festival (Wien), The Mill Valley Film Festival, St. Peterburg Student Film Festival Begining (Diploma).  Anim'est International Animation Film Festival, Stiges International Film Festival, AniFestROZAFA, Cork International Film Festival, Nordisk Filmfestival 2011, Short Attack (Heavy Christmas), Bahamas International Filmfestival, The 10th Student Film & Video Festival of Beijing Film Academy (Audience Award) 

Cast and crew: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1943732/

See the full film here: http://vimeo.com/44654959


Here you can see the trailer: