Den Sorte Engel (The Black Angel)

Den Sorte Engel / Danish / Dur: 27 min / Color / HDCAM

The Black Angel is my first longer short film of 30 minutes I made during my education at the National Danish Film school. The film is about an young adopted colored girl returning home to here parents, finding here old home in chaos. Her mother is dying from cancer and her father hasn't told here yet that she is dying. The young Alexandra shoulders the responsibility to tell her mother the news and hearing them her mother doesn't want to live anymore and Alexandra decides to help her. I have worked with a meta layer of special effects as emotions, for example the wings on here back. The film is an experiment of mixing a dialog-heavy theater kind of drama with the special effects of action films. The black angel is a symbol for the paradox in life when something can stand for both god and bad. The film is produced by the Danish Filmschool and Filmverkstedet (The Danish Film institute film workshop).

Watch and listen to the music from a scene by composer Juhana Lehtiniemi! Press this link to go to the clip at

Cast and crew: