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Just arrived in Odense

The filmfestival at Odense has allot of great screenings. I think they reschedualed the pig for 9 in the morning tomorow. Im not going to miss that!

Struggle with script

I am now putting the final touches ón the new piggy film. I have read it so many times now i dont know if it is good or bad. But my wife likes it.

Pig at OFF – Odense International Filmfestival

I am so happy to see that the Christmas Piggy (Julegrisen) is at the Odense festival from 22-27 of August. The pig is part of a children program showing at 11:30 at Monday 22/8 and and 11.00 at Thursday 25/8. In the same program is also the film "The Saga of Bjorn". Alot of the animators from that film is actually the same as in "Christmas Piggy". They are amazing animators so check the program out! Here is a link to

Pig at Cinefiesta 2011

The Christmas Piggy is playing today at the Cinefiesta Filmfestival in Puerto Rico. I sooo wish I could be there. For once there is a festival with great weather! But me and my family are on vacation and the price of the planeticket was a killer I could not find any founding for. But I hope the Pig can “speak” for it self and win the whole contest. Im of…