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Christmas Piggy wins Audience Prize in Beijing!


I just got the news that Christmas Piggy won one of the Audience Prices at the 10th Beijing Film Academy International Student Film & Video Festival! This is an intressting festival were the filmschools of the world display there films for the filmstudents in China. This is the second time the film has been doing well in China. First at the 14th Int. Shanghai Filmfest and now this. What it…

The Pig at BIFF

The upcomming showing of Christmas Piggy at The Bahamas International Film Festival is closing. So why not go down there and have a “BIFF” and check out the Piggy. I wish I could come and join you.

The Pig at the Nordic filmdays in Lübeck

The Christmas Piggy has traveled allot this weekend. It was shown both at Cork Filmfestival and The Nordic Filmdays in Lübeck. The film is also an upcomming film at Bahamas International Filmfestival and at Short attack in Berlin, a special program      

Odense International Filmfestival Award Show.

Her are the greeting madwoman for the award show. The Odense Filmfestival is a great little festival were they give numorus awards for best films etc. The festival is centered in the old city of Odense and it is easy to find things. The festival programmer for this year was Kasper Munk, and there was a great variaty!

H.C. Andersens home

When in Odense all is not about films, even tough there is a festival. I also visited this smal museum showing the famous house he grow up in. Her the poor Anderson saw his father day and heard his mothers story’s about the “ice maiden” collecting his fathers soul. At the same house the start scene of the “Ice queen” came about – when Kay is sitting in his window…