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I am working on the script for the sequel pig

The last week I have been working on “Piggy” at A-film, my new short film. It is a spin off from the graduation film. This one is longer tough, about 30 minutes, and will focus more on the pig as a character and his journey to understanding what Christmas is all about. I am still working on the script. Been doing so the last year actually (these things take time)….

The pig is going to Italy!

The Pig is moving around again. Now it is playing at the Melzo Film Festival from 5-9 July outside Milano. I am very excited about the screening becouse they have made a brand new 4K DCP screener to show it in full Cinemascope format! I think it will look great like that and I hope as many as possible can go and see it.

Christmas Piggy at Zlin Filmfest

Im very glad to see that my graduationfilm is beeing screened at Zlin International Filmfestival 2011 in the Student Competion Section. There is some really great films there so if you in or around you should check it out.  Check out the festivals homepage or the webpage for Christmas Piggy were you can read all about the how-we-did-it!