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Piggy book lottery

Hi, Piggy is premiering this Christmas. The website is up an running and I am trying to tell everyone I know on this planet about it. To honor my finished film I am having a book lottery at Go there and click and go to “book”, to read more about it.

Piggy book

During the production of Piggy we started working on a book in the same universe. I wrote it together with my wife (Sira Stampe) and Flemming Schmidt illustrated it. Now it is out in the stores in Copenhagen. It is written in vers and it is based on my comming “christmas special” film Piggy.   The above picture was taken at the bookstore Arnold Busck in the center of copenhagen….

Christmas Piggy at Heavy Christmas

Short attack is a short program part of the Interfilmfestival In Germany. Short attack film programs are screened wide in all of Germany and tomorrow the 14th, the pig is part of Heavy Christmas program screened wide in all of Germany. I’m so looking forward to the response. I’m coming down to Berlin and will be present at the Babylon screening. See you there!

Christmas Piggy wins Audience Prize in Beijing!

I just got the news that Christmas Piggy won one of the Audience Prices at the 10th Beijing Film Academy International Student Film & Video Festival! This is an intressting festival were the filmschools of the world display there films for the filmstudents in China. This is the second time the film has been doing well in China. First at the 14th Int. Shanghai Filmfest and now this. What it…

Party at the Mill

Yesterday was a mingle party at the hotel for the Mill film festival. There were both filmmakers and distributors at the party. I meet with representatives for a new streaming service called CHNL (yet to be released). They had a very intressting way of distributing films (short and features) by streaming it and have curator recommending contant to the users. It seems like a very good idea for filmmakers to…