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A demoreel with some of my films

I have edited together some of my scenes from my different movies I’ve made the last five years. There are scenes from Christmas Piggy to Sonny and Ronny. Just click the little green monster bellow and it will start playing. Please adjust the bandwidth quality to high for better picture quality. I hope you will enjoy it.  

Developing Tycho

I’m in development of a first draft screenplay of an animated feature film with the work title “Tycho and the flying city”.  The project is beeing supported by Rasmus Horskjær at the Danish Filminstitut. More info will follow on during 2014.

Piggy at Buster

  Piggy is beeing shown at Buster in a program the 8th and the 11th of September. I will attend the 11th of September at CinemaX at Fisketorvet, together with my collage Dorte Bengtson for a Q&A. Please come and celebrate Piggy-ness with me. Check out the official webpage here.  

Piggy book lottery

Hi, Piggy is premiering this Christmas. The website is up an running and I am trying to tell everyone I know on this planet about it. To honor my finished film I am having a book lottery at Go there and click and go to “book”, to read more about it.

Piggy book

During the production of Piggy we started working on a book in the same universe. I wrote it together with my wife (Sira Stampe) and Flemming Schmidt illustrated it. Now it is out in the stores in Copenhagen. It is written in vers and it is based on my comming “christmas special” film Piggy.   The above picture was taken at the bookstore Arnold Busck in the center of copenhagen….