My work

I grew up in a divided home during the 70s. My family was not security, but an entity that was in a constant uproar, and not very reliable. My fathers working class background was in a never ending struggle with my bourgeois upraising of my mother. So I guess I am a product of that clash – a divorced child for both good and bad. My world was in a constant flux between my grandmothers upper class neighborhood of the suburb of Askim, outside Gothenburg, and the working class area called Hisingen (the richest and the poorest areas of Gothenburg). This dangerous cocktail of contrasts is the foundation of all my stories. It is a part of my past that I am always carrying with my and always returning to.


My first short film is a 3D-animated philosophical film for kids between 5-8 years old, Bara Ebba (2007). It is an animated interview style film playing with philosophical questions from a child's perspective. Other films I made has been experimental with new techniques as, Tribute to Chabrol II(2009), were I uses computer game technologies to make it called machinima. Other films has been very personal as the Sonny and Ronny – like father, like son (2011), dealing with the relationship with my father. Even tough most of my films has been animated, I have also made traditionally "filmed" movies such as Den Sorte Engel (2011) with traditional film. My graduationfilm from The National Danish Filmschool was about a pig trying to survive christmas, failing doing so, actually makes him free.


Bara Ebba (2007)
Tribute to Chabrol II (2009)
Julegrisen (2010)
Den Sorte Engel (2011)
Sonny och Ronny - Sådan far, sådan son (2011)
Piggy (2012)