Nordic film market is open

Yesterday was my first day at the filmmarket at GIFF. A quite small event were allot of the producers, buyers and distributer attend to mingle, look at Work-In-Progress and drink. Beeing a filmdirector it is maybe not really my playground, but I have been curious for some time about the market of films and the powers behind it. The opening night was at the new luxury hotel in Sweden, Clarion Post. A hotel with swirling corridors to get lost in that reminded me a bit about a hotel in Shanghai I cant remember the name of.

But before that, I attended a opening seminar by Film i Vast, about the future of digital filmmaking. Soon the discussion led up the brand new "film agreement" in Sweden and the role about VOD (Video on Demand); on how difficult it is to set a systems in place for the customers out there so they can download legally. One of the board members pointed out the paradox of being in a business of making a product that only a few can legally se in cinemas, while allot of other viewers are downloading it illegally to have the chance to see it. An example is Ruben Ostlunds Play, that only had I few copies in the major cities for the public to see, while the culture elite was raving and talking about it in the press. The next day this discussion continued at a new seminar at NFM about VOD. And according Bengt Toll (former CEO of the SFI) the four months exclusive theatre release (a market model in Sweden) is actually the problem. And as a result the money that could be earned legally is being wasted on pirates! On a more personal note, I think it is a shame that we spend tax money on doing films if we can not offer them to the tax payers, as is the common case of most so called art house cinema films being made in Scandinavia.

The other seminar was about digital marketing and was really interesting. Philip Rose and Charlotte Clark from London Based Think Jam, told about there digital marketing strategies on releasing a film. FACEBOOK is the place, and home pages are the dead end of internet. It is all about socializing!


And by the way, look at the pictures of the new hotel that used to be a huge postoffice. How decided to put the new hotel entrance on the side of the building when the hole structure was completely balanced before? I think it looks stupid and destroys the balance of this beautiful and powerful building in the heart of the city. Why not in the middle? Take a look for your self:

Clarions ugly entry

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